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Veggie Chilli

Veggie Chilli

Veggie chilli tastes best when it’s been simmering away on the hob, allowing the spices to flavour the sauce. Add oatmeal to thicken to make this wholesome one-pot dish even more hearty and filling.

Cooking Time 1 hour
Skill Level Easy
Serves 6-8


1 medium onion

2 celery sticks

2 garlic cloves

2 tbsp tomato puree

2 x 400g tins chopped tomatoes

1 x 300g tin haricot beans

1 x 400g tin kidney beans

1 x 300g tin chickpeas

1 x 300g tin mixed beans

350ml vegetable stock

75g Mornflake Stoneground Oatmeal Medium

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp ground coriander

½ tsp chilli powder

1 tbsp rapeseed oil

Pinch of salt

A few twists of black pepper


Finely chop the onion, celery and garlic. Add them to a large pan with some oil and sauté for 5-8 minutes until they start to soften. Measure out the spices, tip into the pan and stir through the vegetables for a few minutes.

Drain, rinse and add all the beans to the pan. Tip in the tinned tomatoes, the oatmeal and pour over the stock. Stir well and bring to the boil.

Reduce the heat before covering with a lid and simmer for 40-50 minutes – making sure to stir the chilli every now and again to prevent it sticking to the base of the pan.

Serve with rice and choose your toppings from yoghurt, fresh coriander leaves, a slice of lime, pomegranate seeds and fresh chilli.