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Millers of Mighty Oats



At Mornflake, everything we make is thanks to one mighty little grain.
Yes, oats might seem like a fairly simple ingredient, but they have so much to offer.

With thousands of possibilities for milling the little beauties, from cutting to rolling and everything in-between, over the years we’ve become rather obsessed by finding the perfect methods for getting the very best from them.


Our Products

We’re proud to have created a range of delicious oat products that show off the mighty grain in all its glory, from the creamiest porridge to the crispiest muesli and crunchiest granola. Some of these products are over 300 years in the making, so we hope you’ll agree they were worth the wait.

Our Stories

Much like Britain’s kitchens, there’s always something on the go here at Mornflake. So pull up a chair and we’ll tell you all about it.

Mornflake at Schoolsfest 2018

Schoolsfest is an annual event which brings together pupils from 18 local schools every year to celebrate music, art and creativity. From choir singing to short film screenings, it’s...

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    Like strawberries and cream? Of course you do! Well now there's strawberries and creamy overnight oats #Mornflake #oatrecipes #healthybreakfast #veganrecipe
    Toasting oats with seeds and spices gives them a crunchy texture. Sprinkle over this fresh noodle salad bowl for a healthy vegetarian dinner, recipe by @cleansupperclub  #mornflake #oatrecipes #vegetarianfood #recipesoftheday #noodles
    Soft, oaty and filled with melted chocolate and raspberries. You'd never guess @goodnessisgorgeous easy cookies are totally gluten-free. For the recipe, click the link in our bio 
#Mornflake #TheOatProject #TheMillKitchen #Mightyoats #veganbaking #cookierecipes
    We're proud to say only 0.01% of what we make ends up as waste. We recycle and reuse everything we can and any by-product of our oats is used as feed for local livestock #Mornflake #lessfoodwaste #sustainablefarming #ritishfarming
    Next in our new video series, The Oat Project, vegan foodie and fab photographer @goodnessisgorgeous shows how to make her gluten-free raspberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies. Oh yeah, they're as good as they sound. Recipe coming soon... #Mornflake #TheOatProject #Mightyoats #oatrecipes #veganbaking #glutenfreebaking
    13-year-old Tom Seipp and his dad Richard have completed the legendary Strathpuffer24 (a 24-hour cycle race) not just once but FOUR times. Read their mighty story on the Mornflake website #mornflake #mightypeople #foodisfuel #mountaineer #endurancesports #traininghard
    These spicy, oat-coated cauliflower bites were just made for dunking in salsa, guacamole or your favourite dip. Recipe by @cleansupperclub #mornflake #veganrecipe #vegetarian #oatrecipes #recipeoftheday
    What a beauty! Raspberry puree on overnight chia oats 😍 made with Mornflake oat bran by @papaya_sunshine #mornflake #oatrecipes #breakfastbowl
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