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Our Millers Make Us Mighty

We opened our first-ever mill nearly 350 years ago in South Cheshire – the place we’re still proud to call home today. Ever since, we’ve been dedicated to helping Britain wake up to a better-quality breakfast each and every morning.

How? Well, that’s all down to our very talented millers. See, at Mornflake, it’s these expert craftsmen and women who, with 15 generations’ worth of knowledge, continue to pioneer smart new ways to create utter oat perfection.

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From farm to bowl
Our family has been milling oats in South Cheshire since 1675, making us Britain’s fourth-oldest family-owned company. Today, 15 generations later, we are still independent and just as passionate about providing you with a great-tasting, great-value breakfast using the finest-quality oats.
Pulling Power
The Three Horses
In 1915, times were simpler and we relied on three wonderful shire horses called Flossy, Metal and Bonnie to pull the binder that cut our oats. Things have moved on a fair bit since then, but they still remain the proud symbol of the Mornflake brand and the hard work it took to get us to where we are today.
The Mornflake Way
In all the years that we’ve been milling oats, our processes
have certainly changed, but our principles have not.
Sustainable Milling
The oat is an impressive little grain. And we’re proud to run a business based around a product with such amazing benefits. It’s important to us that we always work side by side with Mother Nature to keep the world the way it should be.
Waste Not, Want Not
In this day and age, we believe there is no excuse for waste. We recycle and reuse everything we can and any by-product of our oats is used as feed for local livestock or as biofuel.
Blown Away
We’re seriously chuffed with the wind turbine we installed. Believe it or not, it makes us the first true modern wind-powered mill! It’s a big step in our plan towards one day becoming totally sustainable, with enough energy to power the entire mill.