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Vanilla Porridge with Rhubarb Chia Jam

Vanilla Porridge with Rhubarb Chia Jam

Creamy vanilla porridge oats with delicious, slightly tart rhubarb chia jam, a spoonful of almond butter and sweet date rhubarb slices. Made for us by the wonderful Clean Supper Club.

Cooking Time 25 minutes
Skill Level Easy
Serves 2


120g Mornflake Organic Superfast Oats

550ml plant based milk

280g rhubarb

5g fresh ginger

30g date syrup

14g chia seeds

150ml water


To serve:

Almond butter

Chopped almonds


Tip the oats into a pan and pour your choice of milk over the oats, leave them to soak for about 20 minutes.

To make the chia jam, slice 200g of rhubarb into small pieces and finely dice the fresh ginger. Place in a small pan; add the date syrup, chia seeds and stir in the water. Bring to a gentle simmer and cook until the rhubarb softens and the mix turns sticky – this take around 12 minutes. Set to one side to cool slightly.

Gently cook the porridge, stirring regularly to make sure it is really creamy – this will take about 8 minutes. You may wish to add more liquid depending how thick you like your porridge.

Whilst the porridge cooks slice the remaining 80g of rhubarb down the centre and into 5cm lengths, add 1 tablespoon of date syrup to a small frying pan and gently heat, add the sliced rhubarb and gently cook through for 5 minutes until soft.

To serve – once the porridge is cooked spoon into a bowl, top with a teaspoon of almond butter, a good spoonful of the rhubarb chia jam, sliced almonds and the date rhubarb slices. Eat straight away.

Any leftover rhubarb chia jam can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week.