Championing Sustainability

We've always understood the importance of protecting our environment and realise we need to work with Mother Nature, not against her. By reducing our energy and waste, we believe it will be possible to eventually return to being 100% sustainable, just like we were in 1675. To begin with, we work hard to avoid sending anything to landfill. Waste is often unnecessary. To tackle the issue of wastage, we recycle or reuse as many materials as possible, including sections of the oats themselves, meaning just 0.01% of what goes into our mills ends up as rubbish.

The oat husk that isn't suitable for us humans to eat is turned in to food for animals such as horses and hamsters, and all our cardboard boxes are reused and recycled. Even stones and straw that come in on our farmers' tractors are collected and returned as bedding and gravel! However, there's always more to do and we're still working hard to reduce the amount of energy we use.

Sustainable Practices

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    As Nature Intended

    Having milled Organic Oats in the UK for over 40 years we continue to actively support the Organic movement and farming practices. We also continue to avoid Genetically Modified Crops, their products and by-products.

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    Packaging Recycling

    We are committed to reducing packaging across all areas of our business. As members of the On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme, we ensure clear and accurate recycling information is provided to our customers.

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    We use or recycle nearly everything from pallets & packaging to stones and straw. Only 0.01% of the 'waste' we produce is sent to landfill and we're striving to get this figure to zero.

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    Palm Oil

    We are serious about saving the world's rainforests from deforestation. That's why we were the first breakfast cereal manufacturer in the UK to be independently audited and certified for the supply of breakfast cereals containing certified sustainable palm oil.

Powered By Nature


We depend on the land to grow our oats and have always looked to use nature's natural power to help us mill them. If you had visited Mornflake in 1675 you'd have found us using water to turn our mill stones and roll our oats. To this day we still can't think of a better way to make one of nature’s healthiest foods than by working with Mother Nature herself.

The completion of our wind turbine in Scotland makes us the proud users of Britain's first modern day wind mill. The blades span 71 metres and will generate enough electricity for 4,300 homes, although we'll need to keep some ourselves to turn those mill stones! Not only will the turbine create enough energy to power the whole of our Scottish Mill, but any extra electricity will be fed into the national grid.

Watch the creation of the world’s first modern day windmill...

 There are many alternative ways of using our resources to generate all the power we need – we’re looking into these options continuously. For example, solar panels, hydropower, and using oat husk as a biofuel could all help us to further reduce our impact on the environment. We hope to use all of these in the near future with the ultimate aim of creating and generating all the energy we need ourselves. That really would be quite something.

The Making of Our Wind Turbine in Pictures