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350g Mornflake Jumbo Oats
50g butter (healthier option – grass-fed butter or coconut oil)
1 shallot (about 50g), finely chopped
1l low-sodium or homemade vegetable stock
280g cep mushrooms, diced, reserving a few to slice for decoration
150g green peas
70g whipping cream (for a healthier option, beat butter with skimmed milk)
80g Pecorino cheese (for a healthier option, try light yellow cheese)
30g spring onion, finely sliced


  • Sautee the diced mushrooms in olive oil in a large pan.
  • Add the Mornflake Jumbo Oats to the pan, stir, then add ⅓ of the vegetable stock.
  • When the oats have absorbed all the stock, and ⅓ more.
  • While the oats are absorbing the new addition of stock, grill the slices of cep mushrooms, season and reserve.
  • Add the green peas to the oats mixture and the remaining vegetable stock.
  • Stir in the whipping cream and season to taste.

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