Oatmeal Congee Oatmeal Congee

Oatmeal Congee

Inspired by rice congee -  a staple breakfast in Asia. A rich and supremely comforting dish using Mornflake Gluten Free Pinhead Oatmeal, perfect for breakfast and for soothing winter colds and flu.  An oaty contender to rival any chicken soup. 


Cooking Time 1 ½ Hours Skill Level Medium Servings 4

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  1. 1

    Place all the ingredients for the congee into a pan and bring to a very gentle simmer over the lowest heat on the hob stirring from time to time. 

  2. 2

     Cover and let it gently cook for an hour and a half, stirring and checking from time to time and adding more water when needed. 

  3. 3

    When the congee is cooked, the oatmeal will still have some texture, but will be very soft in a thick silky smooth sauce.  

  4. 4

    Take the chicken thighs out of the pan and use two forks to shred the meat.

  5. 5

     Return to the pan discarding the skin and bone.

  6. 6

    Serve the congee topped with your choice of garnish, such as more spring onions, sliced chilli, half a soft boiled egg and some chilli sauce.