Irish Mussels and Dark Stout Cake Irish Mussels and Dark Stout Cake

Irish Mussels and Dark Stout Cake

Soda isn't the only traditional and tasty bread to come from Ireland. A nation that loves its oats uses them not just for breakfast but widely across the countries cuisine including bread, from which I have taken inspiration for this recipe.

Serve fresh Irish mussels with the wholesome and hearty bread for a filling meal to celebrate St Patricks Day.

This recipe was created especially for Mornflake by the Porridge Lady.

Cooking Time 3 hrs 30 mins Skill Level Hard Servings 2

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  1. 1

    For the Dark Stout Oaten Bread:

    Into a large deep mixing bowl place the oats, boiling water and butter.

  2. 2

    Mix together thoroughly and leave to cool.

  3. 3

    In a measuring jug place the dried yeast and sugar. Then add the warm water (this water must only be slightly warm, too hot and it will kill the yeast).

  4. 4

    Allow the yeast to activate for 10 mins.

  5. 5

    Once the yeast is ready add to the cooled oat mix and stir thoroughly.

  6. 6

    Then add the bread flour and stout and combine. The dough should be slightly sticky but not wet.

  7. 7

    Cover and allow the dough to rest for 1 hour.

  8. 8

    Add the sea salt to the dough and knead for 10 mins.

  9. 9

    Place the dough into a greased loaf tin and scatter oats over the top.

  10. 10

    Leave to prove for a further hour.

  11. 11

    Pre-heat the oven to 230c.

  12. 12

    Once the oven has come to temperature, place the loaf tin onto the top shelf of the oven.

  13. 13

    Bake for 10 mins then reduce the temperature to 190c.

  14. 14

    Cook for a further 20 mins, rotating the tin if necessary.

  15. 15

    Then reduce the temperature to 150c and bake for 30mins. The loaf is ready when it's well risen with nice golden brown colour. Allow the loaf to cool in the tin for a few mins before turning out onto a wire cooling rack. 

  16. 16

    For the Mussels:

    Whilst the bread is cooling, de-beard (if necessary) and scrub the mussels with a stiff brush. Discarding any of the mussels that have open shells (these are dead and should not be eaten).  

  17. 17

    Bring a large saucepan of water to the boil.

  18. 18

    Add the mussels to the boiling water, cover with a lid and cook for 4-5 mins or until the shells of the mussels have fully opened.

  19. 19

    Carefully drain the mussels into a colander.

  20. 20

    Then serve the mussels hot with a thick slice of oaten bread, garlic butter and a small glass of Irish stout to enjoy St Patrick's Day.