Square Carrot Cake Easter Waffles Carrot Cake Easter Waffles

Carrot Cake Easter Waffles

These delicious yet healthy carrot cake waffles are perfect for Spring and make the best Easter weekend breakfast. They’re packed full of warm and delicious spices, and taste just like the cake itself.

Cooking Time 30 minutes Skill Level Easy Servings 2

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How to Make

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  1. 1

    Pre heat your waffle iron and lightly brush with oil

  2. 2

    Put the oats into a food processor and process until a fine flour forms

  3. 3

    Transfer the oats to a mixing bowl and stir in the flaxseed, cinnamon and baking powder

  4. 4

    Place the rest of the ingredients into a jug and stir well

  5. 5

    Gently pour this into the flour mixture and combine until you have a smooth batter

  6. 6

    Pour the mixture evenly onto your waffle iron

  7. 7

    Cook for 10-15 minutes until golden brown, or to your waffle makers instructions

  8. 8

    Serve with yoghurt, walnuts and maple syrup